Our Story

Being parents to two young kids and having a wide past experience working for child development & education system gives us a very hard feeling that modern kids and parents are having two big issues.

Kids physical and social activities

Various researches show that kids under 9 years spend an average 3 hours on mobile screen. Yes it is true .. we see this almost at every place - at airports, at restaurants, at our friends houses, in our own home ! We may be building a bit of a Frankenstein's monster, because we're using that power for our benefit, not for the child's benefit.

Places like Play O Cafe gives opportunity to our kids to have a fun indoor environment in which there is ample opportunity to exercise, play, and explore. They are also going to develop basic motor skills, social skills, muscle tone, and self-confidence.

Furthermore, the parents can enjoy hours of close interaction with their children in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment.

Kid Friendly restaurant

Most of the restaurant designed in our cities targeting adults and they have very minimal or no menu for the kids. This is frustrating for the kids because they have to eat the same food as adults. Kids need food to be interesting and eye appealing.. They will have everything if it appeals their eyes and tinkles their taste buds.

Also the struggle is much lesser if the food is of choice and IT DOESNOT HAVE TO BE JUNK ! Table food can be named and prepared in a very different manner which is finger licking for the child and satisfying for the parents also. Most parents with young children want such places to hang out so a lunch/ dinner is also relaxing for them and not a pain trying to feed the child.

Me personally as a mother of two kids would rather visit the restaurant where I know that my kids will eat and enjoy too. Also most importantly I will get to eat in a relaxed manner.

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Our Vision

A great deal of love, thought and effort went into the creation of Play O Cafe. As parents themselves, Deepti & Sushila envisioned creating an exclusive environment which both children AND adults would enjoy! They saw the need for a space where kids could freely exercise their imaginations in a safe setting and parents could remain nearby while relaxing or mingling with friends. The result was a boutique-style enrichment and play village combined with a parent cafe providing a one-of-a-kind family experience!

Our Mission

Play O Cafe has provided the next generation in boutique-style indoor family enrichment, education and entertainment centers. Our warm and inviting facility offers the perfect setting for children to explore and expand their imagination and talent as parents delight in the experience. Kids play & learn in our fun and stimulating indoor play village, designed to stretch their creative muscles in a healthy and safe way.

Our Commitment

We believe that our impact goes far beyond the four walls that our Play O Cafe wonderland exists within. It is our commitment to reach out to the communities we serve that makes Play O Cafe a special place where special connections are made. For every child & family that we have the privilege of welcoming into our facility, there are many others that we can help. The fabric of our existence is how we translate Play O Cafe unique and nurturing experience to the families and children in need through volunteerism, awareness and giving of our time, talent & treasures.

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